Southern Style

All of our soft, chewy cookies are baked from scratch with awesome ingredients. Try cookies packed with dietary fiber and unrefined sugar. Boxed by the large dozen. Available for same day delivery if ordered at least 2 hours prior to closing.



Have a birthday or wedding coming up? Fill out our inquiry form. We want to make your special day sweet.


Stick your fork into our deliciously creamy cake.


Free bottle of milk with two dozen cookies. Only for delivered cookies.


No eggs please. No problem. Check out our vegan treats. We offer vegan cookies and moist bread.


IMPORTANT: Desired pickup dates will be cancelled if past the

purchase deadline. We will have your treat available 5 minutes prior to pickup time and will wait up to 5 minutes after. Rescheduling a missed pickup order will result in a $15 restocking fee. This fee is due upon rescheduling for the next available pickup date. 

Menu and prices are subject to change. No same day deliveries, unless Express Delivery is currently available. Pickup at farmers markets and designated zones  only. No same day whole cakes.

Prices are subject to change. Items are non-refundable due to their nature.

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