Deliveries start from the intersection of GA-279 and Flat Shoals Road, Atlanta, GA 30349.

Tasting 2

For delivery sample-pack:


You will receive a total of 6 servings in a box for your friend's and family to try. Includes a little note/sketch pad to assist with design (save this for something cool). For an additional fee (per serving), you may add listed fillings, specialty cake and icing flavors.

Tasting 2

For pickup at East Point Farmers Market:


Pick 1 of the following flavors: Vanilla, Almond, Coconut, Cookies & Cream, or Death by Cacoa. Pick 1of the following icing: Bakery Style Buttercream, Swiss Buttercream, or As Listed on Menu. You will receive a total of half dozen cupcakes. For an additional fee (per serving), you may add listed fillings or additional icing flavors. Refreshments are included (water and tea). This tasting is for 2 guests (including the future bride).



Tasting cancellation:

If cancelled within 7 days of booking, you will receive a Baked Wright Bakery gift card for your purchase.

If cancelled after 7 days of booking, your purchase is no longer refundable.


It is strongly suggested that we deliver all tiered cakes. Delivery fees are contingent upon venue location. Delivery is offered up to 30 miles starting from the intersection of Ga-279 and Flat Shoals, Atlanta, Ga 30349. Cost will include delivery and set up (up to 30 minutes).

Cutting and Serving

This service is for wedding cakes only (100 or more servings). This service insures that your cake is properly cut to the correct amount of servings you've ordered. This service is priced by the serving according to the design of your cake. Expect to pay between $1.00 to $2.00 per serving.



IMPORTANT: Desired pickup dates will be cancelled if past the

purchase deadline. We will have your treat available 5 minutes prior to pickup time and will wait up to 5 minutes after. Rescheduling a missed pickup order will result in a $15 restocking fee. This fee is due upon rescheduling for the next available pickup date. 

Menu and prices are subject to change. No same day deliveries, unless Express Delivery is currently available. Pickup at farmers markets and designated zones  only. No same day whole cakes.

Prices are subject to change. Items are non-refundable due to their nature.

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