IMPORTANT: All new design orders and inquiries, must complete our online inquiry form prior to scheduling a consultation for a quote and/or tasting.

Note: Custom cake designs must come to a minimum order of $100 for us to accept.

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For Custom Cake Designs: All clients are required to complete our online inquiry form prior to receiving a quote or scheduling a consultation. This helps us better assist you with planning your design.

We suggest all interest forms and consultations take place a minimum of:

 - 3 weeks prior to event date for

custom cake designs

- 3 months prior to event date for

wedding cakes

(regardless of size and complexity).

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8" Round Birthday Cake

(any of our regular menu cake options. Includes sprinkles. No additional décor or fondant)

 Please purchase order at least 48 hours prior to date needed. No writing on cake at this time. We will add a Happy Birthday topper free of charge (while supplies last).


-Orders proceeded online until 10 am each day. No consult needed.

(this cake is either different in size, or shape, may include fondant, may have additional decoration different from our regular cake menu.

You can build your cake from flavors we offer on this site only.)

Payment due 14 days prior to date needed.

Round, Square, and 1/4 Sheet cake available. No sheet cakes larger than a quarter sheet.

Starting as low as $4.25 per serving. No longer offering full fondant covered cakes.

Custom Cake

Large Orders/

Catered Events/

Dessert Tables

(party usually over 100 guests)


Please purchase order 30 days prior to date needed


(please view wedding page)

You can build your cake from flavors we offer on this site


Payment due 60 days prior to date needed.

Starting as low as $4.50 per serving. No longer offering full fondant covered cakes.

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Cake Flavor:





Cookie & Cream

Chocolate +.50 per serving

Red Velvet +.50 per serving

Icing Flavor:


Lemon buttercream

Chocolate +.50 per serving (Swiss only)

Mint +.50 per serving 

Strawberry +.50 per serving 

Coconut +.50 per serving 

Salted Caramel +.50 per serving 

Icing Type:


Swiss Buttercream 

Cream Cheese

(Cream Cheese not recommended for decorating. No cream cheese covered cakes July-September)+.50 per serving

Seasonal Fruit Filling:

(+ .50 per serving)






(Fruit is available when it is in season. We do not use canned fruit with corn syrup)

Fav. Combos:

  1. Lemon cake with coconut icing.

  2. White cake with vanilla Swiss buttercream.

  3. White cake with strawberry filling and vanilla icing.


Menu and prices are subject to change. No same day deliveries, unless Express Delivery is currently available. Pickup at farmers markets and designated zones  only. No same day whole cakes.

Prices are subject to change. Items are non-refundable due to their nature.

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