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Shipping out brownies and cookies. Sealed to hold in freshness.

Items usually arrive as soon as next day!

Featured Cheesecake

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Strawberry Topped

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Cheesecake Sampler

Seasonal Favorites

Turmeric Ginger Tea

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Jumbo Muffins

How to get your yumminess?

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Email: bakedwrightbakery@gmail.com (primary contact)

phone: 678.905.6989 (open for text message)


Designated phone hours:

Dee to high call volume; we ask that you please email, chat, or text us at this time.

Due to our staff size, correspondence may occasionally be delayed during peak seasons due to our production schedule. Thanks for your understanding.


 All consultations are by Appointment Only

Please fill out form and make appointment from CUSTOM CAKE tab.

Cake tastings are for Wedding Cakes only.


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