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AVI editing. More advanced than most simple video editors, it includes a handful of special features to create stunning visual effects. It also has a few plugins to expand its abilities. Here is a quick list of features and how to use them: This list is mainly to refer to when you want to watch the video. The bottom line is that Adobe Premiere Elements is a well-rounded video-editing and creation tool, one that offers a combination of powerful and intuitive features. It may not have the most fully featured feature set of other free-tier products we looked at, but that keeps the price tag low and allows for a lighter footprint that means faster performance. If you’re looking to get into video editing and don’t need as much power or control as the other products we’ve reviewed, Premiere Elements is a great, economical choice. However, if you are looking to record a full series, pick up a video camera instead. These are much cheaper, and will capture much higher-quality footage that is better than a phone or computer camera (even an “ultra” video camera). A few good options to start are: Canon XL2 ($300); Canon XA10 ($350); GoPro Fusion ($499); Sony a6400 ($899); Sony a6300 ($699); and Canon T6i ($500). With an updated interface and some additions of new effects, designers now have access to a few more features that make videos more interactive, such as applying realistic looking graphical and label effects to your media. As well, this version of the software now offers a full-screen experience when editing videos, a feature that wasn’t available in the previous version. We chose the Creative Cloud as a service name because the full version of this software is actually much more than just a video editor; it also includes a suite of apps for other creative tasks. These other apps include fonts, a web designer, audio editor, etc., and all are included for a monthly subscription fee. The software itself is not free. Do you want to bring fancy visual effects to your videos? Then, open the video editor and import the video that you want to edit. Then, choose the type of video effect that you want to apply. The popular visual effects include HDR, blur, motion, fx, lens, and more. You can even choose the color that you want to apply to your video. The best part is that you can change the duration of the




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