Delivery starts from the intersection of Windy Ridge Pkwy SE & Powers Ferry RD. 

IMPORTANT: All new design orders and inquiries, must complete our online inquiry form prior to scheduling a consultation for a quote and/or tasting.

Note: Custom cake designs start at a minimum of $100.



All clients are required to schedule a consultation and complete our online inquiry form prior to receiving a quote or scheduling your consultation. This helps us better assist you in your planning and design.

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Tastings must be ordered with a 7-day notice. We recommend tastings take place at least  3 months prior to your date. Tastings are only for wedding and custom design cake orders. Our tasting fee of $30 includes have dozen cupcakes. View below for details.

For in person, sit-down consultations:

You will receive a sampler dozen of cupcakes and a beverage (water and/or tea). Pack includes:

2- Chocolate Strawberry

2-Vanila Strawberry

2- Pina Colada

2- Chocolate Love

4- Red Velvet

Samplers come as is.

What's Included?

For pickup sample-pack:

Pickup at East Point

Farmers Market.


You will receive half dozen cupcakes and a beverage (water and/or tea).

We will discuss your colors and design options for your cake. You will be given a quote in 48-72 hours. This tasting is for 2 guests (including the future bride). Additional guests and flavors are welcome, for an additional fee.

Pick Up Options

Seasonal Fruit Filling:

(+ .50 per serving)






(Fruit is available when it is in season. We do not use canned fruit with corn syrup)

Fav. Combos:

  1. Lemon cake with coconut icing.

  2. Vanilla cake with vanilla Bakery Style Buttercream.

  3. Vanilla cake with strawberry filling and vanilla Bakery Style.


Cake Flavor:





Cookie & Cream

Chocolate +.50 per serving

Red Velvet +.50 per serving

Icing Flavor:


Lemon buttercream

Chocolate +.50 per serving (Swiss only)

Mint +.50 per serving 

Strawberry +.50 per serving 

Coconut +.50 per serving 

Salted Caramel +.50 per serving 

Icing Type:

Bakery Style Buttercream 

Swiss Buttercream 

Cream Cheese

(Cream Cheese not recommended for decorating. No cream cheese covered cakes July-September)+.50 per serving

Fondant is available for some décor, but no longer offered for full cake coverage.


IMPORTANT: Desired pickup dates will be cancelled if past the

purchase deadline. We will have your treat available 5 minutes prior to pickup time and will wait up to 5 minutes after. Rescheduling a missed pickup order will result in a $15 restocking fee. This fee is due upon rescheduling for the next available pickup date. 

Menu and prices are subject to change. No same day deliveries, unless Express Delivery is currently available. Pickup at farmers markets and designated zones  only. No same day whole cakes.

Prices are subject to change. Items are non-refundable due to their nature.

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