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The mini version of classic cheesecake. It is a bite size mini cheesecake, easy to eat and


How far in advance should I place my cake order?

We ask that payment is submitted a minimum of 14 total days prior to event. However, there are occasions we can accommodate a cake on shorter notice. Currently all of our cakes are made to order, so once our custom production schedule fills up, no more cake orders will be accepted even if it's within the 14-day window. We encourage all of our customers to order well in advance, especially during peak holiday and wedding season.

Do you make shaped cakes or sheet cakes?

All cakes are round in shape (with exception of letter/number cakes). Round event cakes consistent of three cake layers. Letter/number cakes consistent of two cake layers and are carved with exposed edges.

Do you work with fondant?

No, our bakery will use only American style buttercream on custom cakes. 


Can recipes be modified?

(Reduced sugar, substitute an ingredient, etc) 

All of our recipes are tested for quality and approved with the Department of Agriculture, and thus cannot be modified. Additionally, we do not accept any outside recipes.

Do you write on cakes?

At Baked Wright Bakery, we prefer to keep our cakes artful and classic, and do not offer writing on cakes. We do offer toppers.

How do I place an order?

Please complete inquiry form by clicking here. We'll send you a quote within 48 to 72 business hours. Once you accept the quote, an invoice will be sent for payment. Pre-styled, non-customizable cakes can be ordered by clicking "Order Now" and are usually ready in 48 hours. If you are wanting a custom cake design please attach photos or ideas when you submit the form for our team to review. Click here to view gallery of some work. 


Are you a certified gluten-free, vegan, or nut free facility? 

Although we do offer gluten free and vegan options, we are not a certified gluten free or vegan facility. We do however try to avoid any cross contamination within our bakery. All of our vegan options are guaranteed to be fully vegan. We are also not a certified nut free facility.


How does pricing work for custom cakes?

Our pricing for custom cakes depends on labor and materials used for the cake. The more intricate the cake, the longer it will take to create, and thus the price point will be higher.

Our 6" cakes (Non-Vegan and Non-Gluten Free) start at a base price of $45. 

Fruit filling is an additional $5.​

Our 8" cakes (Non-Vegan and Non-Gluten Free) start at a base price of $80.

Fruit filling is an additional $7. ​

Our 10" cakes (Non-Vegan and Non-Gluten Free) start at a base price of $125.

Fruit filling is an additional $10. ​

Our 12" cakes (Non-Vegan and Non-Gluten Free) start at a base price of $180.

Fruit filling is an additional $12. ​

Our 6" and 8" stacked tier cakes start at a base price of $137.50

Our 8" and 10" stacked tier cakes start at a base price of $225.50

Letter and Number Cakes

Letter/ Number cakes start at a base price of $100 (1 letter/ number)

Letter/ Number cakes start at a base price of $150 (2 letters/ numbers)


Each is about 11 inches long. Layered with white buttercream. Includes main color option, fresh fruit to match main color scheme, and candy.

Why are custom cakes expensive?

Ok. Alright. We get it! Custom cakes can get expensive. Here’s a reason why. Every element of a custom cake is made for you. This comes down to the initial phone call or email, to handing you the final product. All of our cakes are handmade. From mixing to baking, to designing to assembling, to creating is time consuming and laborious. Most custom cakes require consultation time, special elements that need to be special ordered in advance, need custom coloring, and require creative design and research. To us our cakes are more than just ingredients, they are pieces of edible one of a kind masterpiece and we want to make sure our staff is paid accordingly for how much love, care, and attention custom projects require. ​



6” Cake (Feeds 6-10 People)

8” Cake (Feeds 10-16 People)

10” Cake (Feeds 20-25 People)

12” Cake (Feeds 32-36 People)

*Wedding Cakes Take More Time, Serves More, and Differ In Price*

Please complete Inquiry Form for Quote.

Do you offer wedding tastings?

At this time, we do not offer tasting. Individuals are more than welcome to come by the farmers market and purchase the desired treats they would like to taste. 

What kinds of desserts do you offer for weddings?

We create a variety of dessert bar items including gourmet cheesecake bites, bakery styled cakes, cookies, brownies, and herbal teas/ lemonades. We also specialize in various buttercream wedding cakes.

Do you offer set up and delivery for the day of?

Yes! We offer three options: 1. Complimentary pickup at our Shop in East Point, GA.

2. Delivery. 3. Delivery + a 30 minute dessert table setup. Delivery and setup fees are based upon distance to venue, date, and labor to set up.

Prices subject to change.

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