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Dessert Table Menu

Cheesecakes, both full size and minis are a hit every time we get the opportunity to be part of a dessert table. Of course, not just for weddings. Why not serve cheesecake at your next:

Corporate Meeting
Anniversary Party
Birthday Party
Sporting Event
Baby Shower

Items listed are for dessert table, large event, or addition to event cake. Some items listed are not sold separately. Please visit our pickup menu for regular menu items. To discuss order minimum and receive quote, please click below to complete form. 

mini cheesecake 3 plate.jpg

Whole Cheesecake

Comes as is.

Signature Flavors



Strawberry Topped

Red Velvet

Sweet Po' Pie (Fall/ Winter)

Banana Puddin'

Lemon Love

Key Lime Pie

Cookies & Cream

Strawberry Lemonade

keylime copy.jpg

Baked Bites

Comes decorated as is.

Cheesecake Bites

(Dozen)- $36

Original, Turtle, Birthday Sprinkle, Salted Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Shortcake.


salted caramel bites.jpg
stacked over brownies.jpg

Brownies & Bites

Famous Fudge

Large (1 Dozen)- $36

Bites (4 Dozen) Bites- $40

Signature Flavors

Turtle, Cookies & Cream, Nutty Fudge, or Peppermint Fudge.

Large (12)- $38

Bites (48)- $42

brookie long.jpg
turtle brownie bites no logo.jpg

 Cheesecake Shooters




(Dozen)- $35






strawberry shooters.jpg
browned butter cookies stacked angle.jpg
classic mm 2.jpg

Cookies & Cookie Sandwich

Large Cookies

(Dozen)- $25

vegan available

Cinnamon Doodle (V)

Oatmeal Raisin (V)

Chunky Chocolate Chip

Candy Chip

3 Dozen or more get $2 off each dozen.

Large Cookie Sandwiches (6)- $28

2 Dozen or more get $2 off each dozen.

cookie sand teal.jpg
Cocktail Dispenser
Image by Charity Beth Long

 Lemonades & Organic Teas

Half Gallon- $25

Signature Flavors

Strawberry Lemonade, Ginger Lemonade, Hibiscus, Jamaican Sorrel, and more.

 Bakery Style Cakes & Cupcakes

Comes decorated as is.

Cake (8" two layered) - $38

Cupcakes (Dozen per flavor)- $32

3 Dozen of same flavor cupcakes special ($5 off)


Cake Flavors

Red Velvet

Cookies & Cream

Double Strawberry

Cupcake Flavors

Double Vanilla

Red Velvet

Cookies & Cream

Chocolate Strawberry

Vanilla Strawberry

whole red velvet.jpg
cookies & cream cake no logo copy.jpg
cupcake sampler.jpg

The party just wouldn't be Wright without the music. Ask about our DJ services today.

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